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Fall seems to be the time when my thoughts turn to updating this web site.  Once a year isn't nearly enough, but on the other hand how much nattering on can I really do?  Well, quite a lot, actually!
We all had a busy summer.  Todd and Verna's husband, Don, took on more formal roles as our partners for the Farmer's Market.  It's good to have them there for the heavy lifting!  It also worked out well (for me) as I was working every Saturday morning from the middle of April through the middle of June.  It was a relief for me to know Todd was there keeping our end up.
Since I was working two jobs for that time the girls really stepped up and took over "our" market table.  The three of them worked together to make the dog treats and pet blankets, and they really did a great job of canning jams, jellies, and various pickles.  They did so well this summer that they pooled their profits and paid for a trip to Noah's Ark Water Park in the Dells.  They should be proud of themselves!
In addition the the market work, Sydney and Katie teamed up to mow for a neighbor.  They worked together all summer to keep his lawn looking good.  Sydney walked dogs for a friend, and now Emma has her own dog walking job as well.  They do enjoy making their own money.
Since it's fall it's drama season in Mazo again.  This year's production is Looking Glass Land, which is a play based on Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.  This is Emma's last time acting in the fall play as she is going to age out, so she was especially excited to be cast as one of the Alices.  One more summer play after this and she will be done.  Katie was cast in a couple of smaller parts, one of which is The Proper Authority.  She's getting a kick of it, as are we all.
Todd's still with CUNA Mutual, and I'm still in the store four days a week.  Well, four plus whenever I need to come in and do something extra.  Makes getting work done in the studio difficult, but there are always trade-offs.  Keep watching to see what's happening.  It's time to make some big changes and I should be ready with those changes in the next couple of months.  Look for Three Laurels on Facebook, too.  That gets updated slightly more often.
Happy Fall, every one!  Start getting ready to hibernate.  ;)

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